QL2 and Traction Software Team Up

WebQL Gathers Data from the Deep Web so Users can Share, Comment and Distribute within the TeamPage Collaborative Weblog Environment


APRIL 26, 2006 – Seattle – QL2 Software and Traction Software today announce a joint development partnership that makes data extracted from the deep web by QL2 Software’s data extraction platform, WebQL, available to users of Traction’s TeamPage enterprise weblog solution for more effective and informed team decision-making. WebQL seamlessly gathers difficult to reach unstructured data from online sources and integrates it into TeamPage’s collaborative, secure blog workspaces.

“This solution, proven out in a Big Pharma competitive intelligence application, will make organizations smarter and faster when it comes to making competitive decisions,” said Chris Buckingham, President and CEO of QL2 Software. “Now, users can focus on analyzing and sharing information instead of wasting time with manual and repetitive tasks such as data collection, extraction, publishing, and newsletter distribution.

“This partnership makes competitive intelligence, market research and business development teams more effective because what was previously an unmanageable database of information can now be automatically distributed, commented on, searched and managed from a central location, by the people that use it,” said Greg Lloyd, CEO of Traction Software. “Critical information is no longer lost or distributed by chance, but is brought directly to the users that need it.

Monitoring the Deep Web

Even the best search engines miss important web content stored in databases and other sources that can’t be indexed. WebQL from QL2 Software can monitor and gather targeted information from these sources buried in the billions of pages of the World Wide Web.

WebQL can monitor even password protected newswires, trade journals, websites and blogs. WebQL takes data extraction a step further by monitoring clinical trial, adverse events, legislation, pricing and other databases. WebQL watches web sites for page changes and reports the differences. WebQL may execute hundreds or thousands of queries in a given day, and provide only those results that match specified requirements. WebQL may run standing queries on a regular basis, or do one-off form driven queries launched –directly from the Traction interface.

Publishing, Categorization, and Swift Distribution

When WebQL finds a relevant content match or page change, it extracts and publishes the relevant information to Traction TeamPage with appropriate category tags from any of the project blogs. Traction’s interface delivers the content swiftly and securely through easy to navigate date driven newspaper style front page and project news pages, an automated newsletter, and a best of breed dynamic RSS feed. Users can easily query Traction to view any cross-section of topics of interest.

Content Collaboration

Traction includes social tagging to allow users to further categorize content. Users may also raise certain content to Alert status, weave commentary between paragraphs and write analysis or recommendations that links to the collected source. Traction enables true content collaboration and discussion in context.

Informed Decisions

With all the relevant information in hand, and the added context from internal discussions, managers are informed of changes in real time and are able to react quickly to their market environment. Managers can be assured that decision making is well informed by industry fact and internal opinion.

About QL2 Software, Inc.

QL2 Software offers the most comprehensive web mining and unstructured data extraction solutions for both inside and outside the firewall, empowering business intelligence, enterprise search, and text analysis applications for large companies and institutions throughout the world. With more than 30 customers in the Fortune 1000, QL2 delivers the data that drives the enterprise. In 2005, QL2 joined IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) open source initiative, was named to KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies, and placed high on the list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in Washington by the Puget Sound Business Journal. For more information, visit www.ql2.com.

About Traction Software

Traction Software, the leading developer of enterprise weblog solutions for collaboration, content management and knowledge management, has been named one of the 100 Companies that Matter by KMWorld and is a winner of the Red Herring 100 and eContent 100 awards. The company distributes its products directly to Fortune 500, small business, government and non-profit customers and through global partners. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Traction Software is a privately held corporation with financing from investors including In-Q-Tel (the venture arm of the CIA) and Slater Interactive. For additional information, visit Traction at www.tractionsoftware.com.

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